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On Spending Time with Men

I recently came upon an interesting article by Leslie Finkley bringing light to the fact that what is an interesting and engaging activity to a woman, may not be so interesting or engaging to a man. In the world of senior community living, women rule, and the majority of activities planned are done with them in mind, leaving the men less than thrilled.

When looking to engage and connect with men, here are a few suggestions Leslie provides to help match activities with character traits:

The Director: Likes to be in Charge
These might be men who worked in positions of authority and leadership. Peruse catalogs with them, asking their advice on what to purchase and generally seeking out their wisdom.

The Builder: Likes to be Productive
Builders can be described as engineers, or men who were creative in art and music, or who always had a project going on around the house. Look for activities that end with a finished product and which involve using their hands or movement.

The Provider: Likes to be Needed
This is someone who provides support, safety, stability, or counsel. The best activities for a Provider are ones that allow the person to give back. Ask for their help.

The Explorer: Likes to be Challenged
Explorers are likely people who were entrepreneurs or scientists, those who were competitive in their business, or those who enjoyed planning adventures. Investigate the world with them by having an adventure in the backyard or somewhere he can be curious and discover new things.

Of course, no gender carries a specific characteristic or interest exclusively and these ways of connecting can be helpful with anyone.

Cheri Elson, J.D.
Gray Matters Consulting

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Activities on Spending Time with Men

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