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Is Your Loved One Safe to Drive?

I recently came across this article and felt it definitely worth sharing.  While age can be a factor in determining whether someone is safe to drive, it certainly is not the only one.  An octogenarian in good health can be a safer driver than a 70-year old who has lost sensation in one of their feet from diabetes, or a 60-year old with the early stages of dementia.  Medications can also affect a person’s ability to drive safely, impairing judgment or slowing response times.

I invite you to read the article to help assess whether you, or a loved one, should continue driving.  If the ultimate answer is “no”, be gentle in having the conversation.  Our culture highly values the independence gained with being able to drive and losing the ability to do can be devastating.  Speak to them with compassion and love.  If you need help, please call – I am here.

Cheri Elson, J.D.
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Is Your Elderly Loved One Safe to Drive? Statistics on Elderly Car Crashes, Injuries, Fatalities


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