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Cheri L. Elson

Cheri Elson

Cheri Elson moved to the Rogue Valley with her husband, Adam Sperber, in the summer of 2014, bringing with her a specialty in Estate Planning, Probate, Estate Administration, and Conservatorship Law. In practice since 2001, Cheri is licensed to practice in Oregon as well California, where she was certified with the CA Board of Legal Specialization as a Specialist in Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Law. Prior to becoming a licensed attorney in Oregon, Cheri served as a professional consultant for individuals and their families touched by dementia, cognitive decline, and the challenges of aging through her business, Gray Matters Consulting. Cheri brings deep compassion and the highest professional standards to her clients. Advocacy is her specialty and Cheri is adept at finding creative solutions even in the most challenging situations.

When not practicing law, Cheri (with Adam!) spends her time hiking and snow-shoeing, and supporting the rich theater and music culture in the Rogue Valley, including both singing with Southern Oregon Repertory Singers, and sitting on their Board.

Cheri earned her Bachelor of Arts in Music from University of California, Santa Cruz, and her Juris Doctorate from Ventura College of Law, graduating second in her class with honors. Cheri was an active leader of the Ventura County Bar Association, sat on the Board of Directors three separate terms, and served as the Chair of the Estate Planning & Probate Law Section. She was also a member of the Alzheimer’s Association Program Committee in 2014, as well as a board member of the Ventura County Adult Abuse Prevention Council. Cheri served as community legal liaison for the Wellness & Caregiver Center of Ventura County. One of her proudest accomplishments was coordinating their Elder Law Collaborative, which provides free legal assistance to those serving as caregivers to loved ones.

Adam Sperber

Adam Sperber

Adam Sperber has a diverse background in business consulting, management, and academics. This allows Adam to bring an unorthodox yet effective approach to his role as Business Manager, working side-by-side with his wife, Cheri Elson, building a life and a business together in the beautiful Rogue Valley.

Adam holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, and a Master of Arts in European History, both from University of California, Los Angeles. As a graduate student, Adam worked for the NCAA as a tutor for athletes, teaching them the curriculum they missed while playing on the road. Early in his career, Adam ran an information systems department for the largest landscape construction and maintenance company in the U.S. Adam then moved to Enterprise Resource Planning implementation as both a business systems consultant and instructor throughout California. The skills developed in these roles allow Cheri and Adam to adhere to the maxim, “Cheri does the law and Adam does everything else.”

Like Cheri (and with Cheri!), Adam is an avid hiker and lover of the arts and spends his free time enjoying the outdoors and rich theater and music culture in the Rogue Valley. Although not a singer (Adam is an accomplished pianist), Adam sits on the Board of the Southern Oregon Repertory Singers and can be seen at their concerts throughout the year.

Allen G. Drescher

Allen Drescher

Allen Drescher practiced law in Southern Oregon 1972 to 2017, Allen was admitted to practice before all state and federal courts in Oregon in the areas of estate planning and administration, elder law, business law and real property and land use law.

Allen is a longtime supporter of the local community and continues to be very active in the Rogue Valley.

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