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Author: Robert Good

Tina’s Story

Tina, tears running down her face, sat next to her mother in my office. Earlier that week her husband Frank had transferred their joint checking accounts into his name alone, blocked her use of the credit cards and locked her out of the family home. Then the day before, Frank took their two young...

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Living Trusts

You have probably heard the term “living trust.” Perhaps you have some vague notion of what it means. But could you explain it to the person sitting next to you? A living trust is an estate planning tool. In essence, it is an alternative to a will. Like a will, its main function is to...

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Robert Good, Attorney at Law – Estate planning for pets

We love our pets. We groom them, bathe them, feed them, make sure they have plenty of exercise, recreation, and relaxation (as if that’s necessary). Last year alone $60 billion was spent on pet care in the United States. In modern America, Fluffy and Fido are part of the family. But when it...

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Special Needs Trust

Imagine this situation: Your adult child has a long-term disability. Maybe it’s a severe mental illness; maybe it’s a serious physical disability. Maybe it’s both. You have significant assets – a house, some successful investments. You are concerned about your disabled child...

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Protecting Your Assets from Creditors

The American legal system is a useful vehicle for righting people’s wrongs: If your dog bites me and I am seriously injured, I can sue you for medical bills, pain and suffering, etc. That is fair and just. But, our legal system is also overused and abused. Frivolous lawsuits are filed frequently,...

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