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Probate and Trust Administration

I am often asked to explain the difference between probate and trust administration and why I generally prefer trust administrations. Probate is a legal process that takes place after someone dies. It includes identifying and inventorying the deceased person’s property, paying debts and taxes, and...

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Advance Directive and POLST Webinar

Did you miss the live webinar this morning?  No worries!!  You can still watch the recording by Clicking Here! Our goal is to have one live webinar each month, available through Zoom and Facebook.  Watch your email for future dates and times!

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Easy Dementia Test

Doctors have a better chance of treating Alzheimer’s if it is caught early. CBS NEWS Dr. Max Gomezreports on a simple at-home test. Watch how it spots telltale problems sooner.  Read more about it here:  Easy Dementia Test

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How to Choose a Successor Trustee

Choosing a Successor Trustee is not something to take lightly.  When an estate plan is centered around a revocable living Trust, the bulk of the assets are owned by the Trust and, therefore, under the control of the Trustee.  As long as the Settlor (the person or persons who created the Trust) is...

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Caring for Each Other through COVID-19

As we face coronavirus (COVID-19) together, it remains clear that we are strongest when we are in community — even from a distance.  Here is a link to a site managed by the Oregon Health Authority with some Every Day Tips to keep us, and our community, safe. For our part, we will continue to conduct...

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The Importance of Health Care Directives

As an attorney who has practiced estate planning exclusively throughout my entire career, I feel it safe to say that no matter how many specific things listed in one’s Advance Directives, it is not possible to account for every potential end-of-life scenario that could arise.  What we can do is add...

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