How to Choose a Trustee

Choosing a Trustee is not something to take lightly. When you have a living Trust, the bulk of your assets are owned by the Trust and, therefore, under the control of the Trustee. As long as you are capable (have legal capacity) of managing your own affairs, you are the Trustee. If you become incapacitated,...

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10 Things You Should Know about Living Trusts

Years as an estate planning attorney in California taught me the importance of setting up a living trust. It also made me very aware of how many people out there do not understand the basics of a living trust. I came upon an article by AARP, which I feel explains it in very clear terms. Whether a...

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Estate Planning 101

With the huge changes in policy that are sadly bound to start happening this month, I have been asked by friends and family how these changes might affect their estate plan.  People are worried that their spouses may be barred from making decisions for them if that is needed, and that they will kept...

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Alzheimer’s and Cold Weather

Alzheimer’s Disease can add extra challenges when the weather turns cold.  Here is an article which gives some helpful tips to keeping your loved one safe throughout the winter months. Alzheimer’s is a Cold-Weather Danger Cheri Elson, J.D. Gray Matters Consulting

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Genworth’s Cost of Care Survey for 2016

Genworth Financial recently released its 2016 Cost of Care Survey for the following types of long-term care: Long-Term Care Home Health Aide Services Adult Day Care Assisted Living Facilities Nursing Home Care It is important to know and understand the differences among these options, what they...

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