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Family Conflict Resolution and Mediation

Good, Bucy, Elson & Drescher, attorneys at law

Mediation can be an attractive option for individuals seeking a more peaceful process of resolving their legal issue.

Good, Bucy & Elson offers mediation services to clients looking for an alternative to court. When all parties are willing to compromise and work together, mediation can be an effective tool to reach resolution. Legal issues such as divorce, child support, spousal support or parenting time conflicts can be effectively handled in mediation. 

Our years of family law litigation experience are invaluable to the mediation process.

Disputed issues can appear impossible to resolve, but can often be overcome during the mediation process. With an attorney as your mediator, parties are encouraged to work through conflict respectfully and amicably to seek final resolution of all issues.

Call our office or use the email form on our CONTACT PAGE to discuss your legal issue and determine if mediation may be the right option for you.

Learn more about the mediation process: “PEACEFUL DIVORCE?” BY ROBERT GOOD

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Good, Bucy & Elson, Attorneys at Law

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