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Estate Planning

Peace of mind comes when you are prepared for the future.

Commonly avoided and too often overlooked, estate planning refers to the preparation of four main documents: Wills, Trusts, Durable Powers of Attorney for finances, and Advance Directives for health care. When properly drafted, a customized Estate Plan has the power to offer protection and peace of mind throughout your life and in the event of your death. Cheri Elson specializes in estate planning and will work to ensure that your wishes are honored no matter the circumstances. Regardless of your age or family situation, a comprehensive and well-drafted Estate Plan will allocate distribution of your assets, name those responsible for managing your finances, and name those to attend to your medical needs in the event you are unable to manage these important decisions on your own.

As your trusted legal advisor, we offer expert counsel in all areas of estate planning. Peace of mind comes when you are prepared for the future. Estate Plans should be reviewed annually to remain effective. As families and finances change, it is important to adjust Estate Plans accordingly to provide optimal protection. If you already have an Estate Plan in place, we are available to review it to ensure it meets your needs.

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